About the Club

The Przytok Golf Club started in March 2014 and operates by the golf course Przytok Golf & Resort. Even though Przytok Golf Club is a the beginning of its journey, we know that you are the most important – golfers, who love this sport as much as we do, and want to build our golf community.

We know that a good team is the best way for the course to be vibrant, even off-season. That’s why we went the extra mile, so every single one of you can feel the best at Przytok Golf Club.

Goal + mission

Przytok Golf Club is a place where every player, no matter their sport skills, will discover what’s best in golf – passion, engagement and a warm atmosphere.

We’re building a community, that will be very proud of their club. We’re going to enjoy the success together, no matter if it’s the achievements of a beginner or an advanced player.
You will come back with pleasure – for a round of golf, training and maybe only to drink coffee and spend some times talking with other people.

A friendly atmosphere and sportsmanship – we believe that with your help we will be able to achieve this!

Our goal is to promulgate golf and to show that, against a lot of stereotypes, golf is a sport for everyone.

Join us and become
an ambassador of Przytok Golf Club.

  • "You know, the Oscar I was awarded for The Untouchables
    is a wonderful thing, but I can honestly say that I'd rather have
    won the U.S. Open Golf Tournament."

    Sean Connery actor


Everyone can become a member of Przytok Golf Club. Our philosophy is based on a simple rule – a club member is someone who equates with our community. You don’t have to be a great player to become a club member – membership isn’t a booklet for the game, it’s a lifestyle.

The important thing for us is the fact that you will be proud to be a part of our Club and that you will worthily represent it.

If you are ready to take up the challenge, become our club member!

Membership price list

Indyvidual UNLIMITED 3 400 PLN
Indyvidual WEEK
From Monday to Friday without public holidays
2 700 PLN
Till 18 years old
800 PLN
Family membership
Price contains 2 adult person + 1 child till 18. Every next child 500PLN for each
6 500 PLN
Membership for marriage
2 adult persons
5 900 PLN
2 700 PLN
Under the age of 25
2 700 PLN
Residence oustide 100km of Przytok Golf Resort
2 700 PLN

The membership prices are going to be put online at the end of August/ beginning of September before the golf course opens.

Club news