In Overall

Starting any new activity can be very daunting, no matter what age.

Golf, with its many rules, customs and etiquette can seem particularly scary and difficult in the beginning…….it does not help to hear great champions like Tiger Woods say, that they still think it is extremely difficult…..but with some help, hard work and a bit of patience, you will discover that, the Game of Golf, will become YOUR game. New weird terms will soon become familiar, and what looked like a mountain you could never hope to climb, will became a wonderful, inspirational and yes, sometimes frustrating walk.

Healthy, social and interesting Golf is for everyone. You do not need to be 2.30 m tall, weight 150kg ofpure muscle, or stop competing seriously when you turn 12. It is a Game, a sport, a way of life for a lifetime.

Think of Golf as Formula 1 racing.

The field you play on, the Golf course is like a Formula 1 circuit. Like every circuit, every Golf course is different. There are very tough, very short, very narrow, very beautiful courses. Some are very expensive, some cheap, some courses every person can play, some only allow members and their guests to play there.

In order to play most courses in the world, you will need a driver& license, in Poland called a Green Card. This Green Card is the first in a objective on your road to learning Golf. It shows that, as a beginner, you know a bit about the rules, how to behave on a course and that you are a beginning Golfer.

So, with the Golf course being the circuit, your Golf swing is your car. Some cars are fast, some are reliable and perform the same every day, some go well through corners and some cars only can drive in ideal circumstances.

The same goes for your Golf swing. Some people can hit the ball 250 meters, without seemingly even breaking a sweat, others excel at the shorter shots and some play great in training but break down during a tournament.

Putting in parts that work well in other cars, might not fit in your car. One of the most important things is making sure all parts fit your swing and very difficult once you start tinkering with the technique. You keep discovering new things, methods, moves and it becomes very appealing to add them to your car. Remember, all the pieces need to belong to the same puzzle, if you want to solve the puzzle.

So we have had the circuit and the car, now you need a competent driver behind the wheel. In Golf, that driver is you. The mental part of the Game. The fastest car will not win any races if the driver does not feel comfortable in it, he or she will not be able to extract the maximum from the car and the car will crash, time and time again, if the driver thinks the car goes faster, corners more accurately or brake better than it actually does.

At Przytok Golf Resort, you will have the best mechanics,

Golf Pros, to help you to play better, more consistent and to realize your full Golfing potential. You will look forward to every challenge during your Golf career, and feel confident that, with lots of hard work, you will become the best player you can be.