Przytok Golf & Resort is the actualization of a bold vision of two people from Zielona Góra: Jacek Kozłowski and Andrzej Sztuder. Thanks to them, and their dream that appeared in 2013, one of the most interesting golf courses has come to existence.

The whole complex, located 12 km from the center of Zielona Góra, has been designed by the architect Hans George Erhardt and is spread over 30 hectares of rolling terrain, surrounded by forest. The architect upon seeing the property for the first time was inspired by the beautiful landscape and was able to blend the picturesque and technical golf course in naturally with its surroundings. Every player will for sure appreciate the whole resort and the numerous height differences on the course will become a challenge for them.

Przytok Golf & Resort is not only a 9-hole golf course but also one of the most interesting training areas in Poland: the outstanding driving range and 3-hole golf academy.

The Driving range spread on 4 hectares is set up on numerous hills. Thanks to 7 target greens between which you can see bunkers and tee boxes positioned on three levels gives a golfer the chance to try the game on different heights.

June 2014

August 2014

December 2014

July 2015


Apart from the 9-hole golf course at Przytok Golf & Resort there will also be small vineyards, estates and four hotel bungalows.


At Przytok Golf & Resort we believe, that golf is a sport for everyone. We want to not only teach how to play golf, but also support and inspire golfers who’re already playing. We want everyone, but especially kids to enjoy this sport. We plan on starting a golf school for juniors and then our team.

Wierzymy, że uda nam się także zostać animatorem lokalnej społeczności, budować świadomość golfową mieszkańców regionu, a także być partnerem wielu ciekawych i ważnych dla zielonogórzan spotkań.

Our goal is for Przytok Golf & Resort to become a place, where you will want to come back.

Club house

At the moment, we have a Club House next to the Driving Range, which includes the reception, a cosy restaurant and our Proshop, where you can buy everything that’s necessary for your training and game (balls, clubs tees).

From the club house you can go to the patio, from where you can see the Driving Range. It’s also the best place to relax after your training or a round of golf, or to get some coffee, or a refreshing drink.

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