Golf Course Przytok Golf & Resort is located 12km from Zielona Góra in a very picturesque, peaceful area in Przytok. The excellent location provides convinient access for Polish and foreign golfers.

The Austrian architect Hans George Eckhardt used full potential of the post-glacial terrain and perfectly integrated the golf course into the local landscape, surrounded by the forrest.

Thanks to the tireless work of our qualified personnel and modern technical solutions and machines, the golf course provides excellent conditions for beginners and advanced players to play. the field provides excellent conditions for both beginners and advanced players to play.

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Total lenght

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Score Card
Golf Course – Meter

No PAR Black Yellow Blue Red
1 5 479 434 397 353
2 4 301 263 259 234
3 3 132 121 105 91
4 4 253 237 202 182
5 3 129 109 91 73
6 4 341 321 286 261
7 3 123 117 101 79
8 4 272 247 228 201
9 3 160 146 120 99
1-9 33 2190 1995 1789 1573


Daily Green Fees
Week days Weekends and holidays
9 holes 100 zł 140 zł
unlimited 140 zł 170 zł
Monday 50% discount*
Thursday ladies 50% discount
Juniors (to 18 years old) 50% discount

* the discounts don’t sum up for adults

Driving Range fees
Basket of balls 14 zł*
Renting one golf club 15 zł
Renting the full set of clubs 70 zł
Renting a half set of clubs 50 zł
Juniors (to 18 years old) 50% discount
Students 19-25 years old 25% discount

Vouchers for Driving Range*
Basket of balls 14 zł
Voucher 11x basket of balls 130 zł
Voucher 17x basket of balls 200 zł
Voucher 23x basket of balls 260 zł
Juniors (to 18 years old) 50% off
Students 19-25 years old 25% off

3-holes Golf Academy fees
Green fee for academy (3h) per person 30 zł
Juniors (to 18 years old) 50% off
Students 19-24 years old 25% off


For your safety and the proper functioning of our facilities you have to adhere to the following rules:

Driving Range rules
  1. Safety first.
  2. Do not hit or swing towards people or when they are standing nearby.
  3. Only hit balls out towards the main collection area.
  4. Do not retrieve golf balls from in front of the bay.
  5. Note that it is strictly forbidden to use driving range balls on the golf course.
  6. All children age ten (10) and under must be accompanied by an adult.
  7. You should only hit the balls from the mattes – playing on the grass is only allowed in assigned places with the safety rules in mind.
  8. Taking the balls outside of the Driving Range is forbidden.
  9. The rented equipment has to be given back in appointed time, in the same condition as when rented.
  10. If there are people or animals standing in the area of hitting the balls you should stop your training and inform the staff about it.
3-hole Golf Academy rules
  1. Before playing on the 3-hole Golf Academy, the Driving Range and other training areas please check at the Club Reception.
  2. The 3-hole Golf Academy is open to everyone who has read the course and safety rules. People playing on a golf course for the first time are required to have permission from the instructor (available to players after arranging a meeting).
  3. Booking Tee-times or lessons can be done over the phone. Club members of Przytok Golf Resort and their guests have priority over non-members. Not arriving on time will result in cancellation of your reservation.
  4. Picking up driving range balls, as well as playing with them on the golf course is forbidden.
  5. It’s unacceptable to step on the golf course in heavy protector shoes, high heels and the wrong outfit.
  6. Only hit after making sure that the players in the flight in front of you are out of reach.
  7. Please observe course etiquette, do not move, talk or stand close to the player, ball or when other players are getting ready to make a swing.
  8. Please avoid any delay during your round. Players looking for their ball should let other players through, if they realize it will take some to find their ball. This gesture should be done before passing the 5 minutes meant to find the ball. After finishing a hole, the players should immediately leave the green. The score card should be filled out on the next Tee.
  9. Advertising banners are considered immovable obstructions. If a players ball lays by or on one of them, or if their intended swing area is obstructed, the player can get relief under the rule 24-2b.
  10. When playing on a green please repair pitch marks. Damage to the green caused by spikes or clubs, should be repaired after holing out.
  11. No golf bags, trolleys or buggies allowed on or near the greens.
  12. Remember about putting the flag back into the hole before leaving the green.
  13. Before leaving a bunker, please rake the sand and smooth any marks.
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Obvious noncompliance of the Local, Driving Range and 3-hole Golf Academy rules can result in getting banned by the Golf Club Manager.

On the 3-hole golf course, Driving Range and training areas the golf rules (The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews) and etiquette apply. Please remember, that golf is a game and the golf course, club house and parking lot are friendly areas, the use of vulgar language, any kind of slurs and commenting on other players’ game is unacceptable. Don’t leave your trash on the golf club area.

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