Where to begin?

You’d like to see if golf’s the right sport for you? Przytok Golf Resort is the best place to find it out and begin your golf journey. Here you’ll find courses for every level:

  • Individual lessons
  • Group courses
  • Courses for kids and juniors

Where to begin? It’s easy – call us or come by! We’ll help you find the right course for you.

Positive attitude, comfortable shoes and clothes – that’s all you need to start playing golf!

Golf courses

Golf course<br />
for women
Golf course
for women

Comprehensive training, advices from a qualified Pro, an amazing atmosphere and new golf company – we are welcoming you to the golf course for women!

Golf course<br />
for kids
Golf course
for kids

Kids learn faster through fun.
That’s why we’ve prepared
a training program, which
combines golf lessons with a
lot of fun.

Golf coursefor beginners
Golf coursefor beginners

The golf course for beginners is the perfect way to start your journey with golf. Group classes that will help you how to hold the golf club, how to stand correctly and how to swing.

Price list

Other courses
An offer for those, who want to get a Green Card (a golfer’s “driver’s license”). The course is 5 lessons, during which you will learn every aspect of golf. The sessions are lead in groups minimum 7 people. The course ends with an exam for a Green Card.
499 zł + 250 zł Green Card
10 lessons at any chosen date. Ends with an exam for a Green Card. Offer includes renting golf balls and clubs during the lessons.
1300 zł  + 650 zł next person
The session lasts 50 minutes. Price includes golf balls and clubs.

* until the end of August 2016 individual lesson -10%


We would like to give you a few tips and information’s before you come to Przytok Golf Resort for a golf lesson:

  1. Booking lessons with our Pro can be done directly at the Club Reception, over the phone or over e-mail: info@przytokgolfresort.pl
  2. Please be there at least 15 minutes before your lesson begins.
  3. Go to the Club Reception to confirm your presence and fill out your lesson card.
  4. Please remember about the payment, which should be done before the lesson.
  5. If the Pro isn’t at the Reception, please go to the Driving Range, where he should be waiting for you with golf clubs and balls.
  6. After the session please go to the Reception to book another lesson.
  7. The golf school’s at Przytok Golf Resort goal is to have professional service. If we’re forced to cancel or change a lesson in less than 48 hours the next lesson will be free. Wherefore our clients give us the go ahead to: pay for every lesson when booking and enduring full payment for lessons cancelled by a client in less than 48 hours before the session begins.