The golf course for beginners is the perfect way to start your journey with golf. Group classes that will help you how to hold the golf club, how to stand correctly and how to swing. The P.G.A. Professional /trainer will also introduce you to the rules, golf etiquette and playing at the golf course.

At Przytok Golf Resort, lessons will be provided by a P.G.A. Professional. During lessons in small groups, he’ll introduce you to the game and point out what needs to be corrected. Golf needs a lot of commitment and concentration, but it should always be a lot of fun.

The golf course for beginners ends with an exam for a Green Card.
It’s like a driver’s license for golfers with which you can play most courses all over the world.

499 zł per person +250 zł
Green Card

The course is 5 lessons × 100 mins. Groups minimum 7 people. The lessons are every Sunday at 3PM.

You don’t need your own equipment – we will provide you with balls and clubs. Willingness to learn and comfortable shoes – that’s all you need to start playing golf.

Call in today and sign up for the golf course for beginners!

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